10 Ways to Go Deeper with Your One Word

With all the hoopla surrounding the One Word movement, you may have already chosen your word for the new year, but are left wondering, “Okay…now what?!?”  It simply isn’t enough just to choose a word (although that’s the first step and shouldn’t be taken lightly).  It definitely requires some time and soul-searching to choose the perfect word.  But, once you’ve made the choice, you really need to do something with your word.  Here are some practical (and fun!) ideas to get you started:

  1. Be a blabbermouth.  Tell people about your word, why you chose it, and what you’re doing to live it out!  You will not only hold yourself accountable, but motivate and inspire others to join the movement as well.
  2. Display your word…in multiple places.  On your bathroom mirror.  On the fridge.  In a frame on your desk.  In your car. Wherever you’ll see it.   You need your word to be in your face.  Use your creativity…
    prepare chalk word.jpg
    hope art.jpgabide card.jpg
  3. Wear your word:  In the past, I’ve been able to find bracelets, necklaces, and rings with my one word.  You can even customize yours.  This is such a fun way to proudly proclaim your word!love ring.jpg
  4. Create a vision board around your word.  Cut out/print out inspiring images to go with your word.  Here’s one of my 2019 Vision Boards–not centered around my one word–but an example of a board nonetheless. I just copied and pasted images from the Internet (and a real photo in the middle), printed them out, and glued them down on scrapbook paper.  So! Much! Fun!  And SOOOO powerful (more to follow on that in a future post…)vison board.jpg
  5. Do a word study. Use a thesaurus and find synonyms/antonyms for your word.  You may even want to post it on your vision board.prepare word web.jpg
  6. Find quotes and Scriptures relating to your word.  Write them on index cards and read them every morning.  Try to memorize a few…it’s amazing how you will be able to recall them exactly when you need to!scripture card prepare.jpg
  7. Take Action.  In the morning, identify one way you can apply your word for the day (one baby step)…and ask for help!  Share your idea with an accountability partner and then check in with him/her.  This helps create good habits; the habit of intentionally living out your word on a daily basis.  Small successes…journal prepare.jpgjournal page 2.jpg
  8. Reflect.  At the end of the day, journal and reflect upon how you lived (or didn’t live) your word out for the day/week.  Practice gratitude, thanking God for the strength, perseverance, and self-control (or whatever!) to live it out.  Ask for help with the things you need to change in order to do better next time.
  9. Reread your journals.  It’s so important to go back and re-read your journal entries to see how far you’ve come, especially when you’re feeling down and ready to give up on your word.  Keep in mind: this is about progress, not perfection!journal cover.jpg
  10. Celebrate your progress.  Mini-celebrations are crucial for progress and perseverance. As you reach goals you’ve set, or notice a changed habit or heart attitude, reward or pamper yourself: a massage, bubble bath, new outfit, time alone (a movie & popcorn is my personal favorite!)

Do you have something to add?  Is there anything you’ve personally done to go deeper with your One Word?  Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

7 thoughts on “10 Ways to Go Deeper with Your One Word

  1. Thank you for sharing photos of ways you go deeper with your word. It is very motivating and inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have been quite the blabbermouth. Most of my friends and family know my word for the year and that you are the one who inspired me to pick a word. 🙂 I’ve actually gotten quite a lot of support. Friends and family often remind me to use my tools or acknowledge that I’ve done something that supports the goals related to my word. Thank you!


    1. I love that you’re getting so much support and encouragement from your loved ones! What a great reminder of the importance of community and being connected!


  3. Feeling inspired to go deeper with my word!!! When Sandi told me about this I instantly like the idea. For me it is so much more than a resolution. Love the blog so far!! Thanks


    1. Thank you for sharing, Sarah. I’m so excited to hear about your word and how you’re going deeper!


  4. Thank you for showing ways to turn an abstract thing like a word, in this case a goal, vision, or even prophecy) into actionable steps!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Sorry it took me so long to approve; I couldn’t access my account for a while, but I’m back in and ready to blog again in 2021! Happy New Year to you!


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